Kuruvilla Pandikattu Joseph SJ

Prof Dr Kuruvilla Pandikattu Joseph SJ (1957- ), [Pronounce] is Chair Professor of JRD Tata Foundation on Business Ethics at XLRI, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India. He is also Professor of Philosophy at Jnan Deepa (JD), Institute of Philosophy and Theology, Pune, India, is a Jesuit priest (DUM) who pursues his research in science, religion and philosophy.

The holder of three Master's Degrees and two Doctorates (in philosophy and theology) from the University of Innsbruck, Austria, he has written extensively on topics of science, religion and philosophy. Author of more than 45 books and 216 scholarly articles, has been involved in the dialogue between science and religion and between religions.

The focus of his academic engagement has been: Issues in Philosophical Anthropology, Science-Religion Dialogue and Viable Life-Styles (TAMAS, Laudato Si' and Fratelli tutti). He also contributes to the role of science, technology and spirituality towards fostering a sustainable life.


Areas of specialization:

  • Dialogue as a Way of Life

  • Ethics Embracing Everything

  • Life Management

  • Philosophical Anthropology

  • Science-Technology-Values Interaction

Email: kuru[at]jdv.edu.in | kuru[at]kuru.in

Courses Offered:

Preferred Notions:

Main Research Areas/Interests:

  • Death and After (including physical immortality and transhumanism)

  • Sustainable Life (TAMAS: "There are many alternative stories")

  • Dialogue as Way of Life (science-religion dialogue and hermeneutics)

  • Anthropological Issues (freedom, love, death, human nature, etc.)

  • Symbol, Parable, Metaphor and Myth (Hermeneutics and more)

  • Philosophy of Technology (Nanotechnology, Chaos Theory, Bioethics, Neurology and Neurotheology)

  • Philosophy and Physics