Philosophy of Technology

Questions Bank

Part A Questions. Write your answers in 3 sentences. No choice.

  1. “Evolution become conscious of itself.” How would you modify this understanding of human being for our contemporary days?
  2. What is transhumanism?
  3. “The release of atomic energy has not created a new problem. It has merely made more urgent the necessity of solving an existing one.” What is this existing problem?
  4. What is colony collapse disorder (CCD) and name some of its consequences.
  5. “Civilizations in decline are consistently characterised by a tendency towards standardization and uniformity. “ This is quote from Arnold Toynbee. Who is he?
  6. “Philosophers have interpreted the world. The point is to change it.” (Karl Marx). What do you understand by this statement?
  7. What is uroboros?
  8. Give some examples and consequences of hyperreal.
  9. What is a fyborg?
  10. How is culture related to nature today?
  11. Who is Teilhard de Chardin?
  12. What is a singularity?
  13. “Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder.” How do you apply it to a corporation?
  14. “The breakdown of society occurs when creative individuals fail to lead through the exercise of creative power, resulting in withdrawal of the allegiance of the majority and a subsequent loss of social unity.” Comment.
  15. "It is already becoming clear that a chapter which had a western beginning will have to have an Indian ending if it is not to end in the self-destruction of the human race.” How do you characterize this “Indian ending.”
  16. Briefly describe what is mysticism of silence?
  17. How do you enunciate mysticism of service?
  18. “Matter is sacred.” Why?
  19. “Trace of infinity in the face of the other.” Comment.
  20. How do you appreciate sunyata?
  21. What is a “mahavakya”. Give one example.
  22. “To be religious is to be inter-religious.” Comment.
  23. “Mysticism of the marketplace.” What is it?
  24. “To be deeply religious is to be broadly religious.” Comment.
  25. “Every problem created by humans have a human solution.” (John F. Kennedy) Apply it to the corporate life.
  26. If science makes our lives “comfortable,” what does religion do to our lives?
  27. “The religion that fears science insults god and commits suicide.” Why?
  28. “It may sound bizarre, but in my opinion science offers a surer path to God than religion.” How?
  29. How do you relate mystery and mysteriousness?
  30. How do you differentiate between a 'problem' and a 'mystery.'?

Part B Question. Attempt only one question (out of two) One page reflective answer is expected.

  1. Cosmic Extinction or Collective Extension. Elaborate
  2. Apply the story of the sinking ship to the corporate world.
  3. Human beings need both roots and wings. Explore philosophically.
  4. What is philosophizing and what is its relevance to business management?
  5. "Life is not a problem to be lived, but a mystery to be encountered." Give your critical appreciation of this statement.