Noel Ginjo

Noel Ginjo

Mukkettu House, Veliyannor PO, Kottayam Dt, Kerala, India Pin: 686634

Noel, the bright school boy!

Waiting to go forward...

Living happily with: Mum, Daddy and Grandma.

With loving Ayona

Caring and sharing. Growing up fast.

Thinking of the future!

What awaits me?

Gentle smile.

Purposeful and joyful.

Precious birthday! Four years old!

May 10, 2017

B'day with Mom and Dadd

The darling of dad and mom!

Feel like singing!

Singing loudly and joyfully.

Not knowing what to do!

So wondering and waiting!

Between my elder cousins, Jonathan and Jeremy

Nice company. Looking forward to their coming.

Smiling to the full...

Totally and unconditionally.

Sweet mom. Always.

Loving Papa. Everywhere.

Smile and be!

Sometimes I can be also calm and gentle.

With Mom and Dad

Surprised... Looking forward to!

Anxious, joyful, expectant!

What will I become after 20 years?

Inspired by my grandma!

Who is no more with us on March 17, 2018. Praying for her.

Something great awaits me!

See what comes!

Mom and Dad

Looking eagerly and lovingly.

Upto something

So I am alone.

Young, too young

I want to grow up and become great.

With grandma and all.

Aleykutty Thomas, Ginjo and Tincy

With loving aunty and....

Chinnamma Uthuppan

Still a small child!

Looking gently and calmly.

Clinging to Mum

Fearlessly.... I want to grow up!

Well-protected by family!

The same old boy!

With Uncle...

I was a cute young boy!

With Uncle Jose.

Jose Nellickakuzhiyil.

Opening my eyes to the world

Eyes that are wide open and heart that is joyful!

My grandpa. Mr Thomas Mukkettu. He left us on 31st July, 2012

My home before I was born!