Courses Offered

This page gives the resources, questions and methodology of the various courses I offer:

  1. Philosophical Anthropology or Philosophy of the Human Person

  2. Science and Technology

  3. Philosophy of Human Person: Meaning and Mortality

  4. Philosophy as World-Views

  5. Narrative Philosophy

  6. Natural Theology: Dialoging with Atheism

  7. Philosophy of Nature: Science and Religion

  8. Advanced Issues in Science and Religion

  9. Life Management

  10. TAMAS

Sites personally involved in:

  • Jnanam: Science-Religion Discussion Group in India Go

  • JD: Jnana Deepa Go

  • ASSR: Association of Science, Society and Religion: Go

  • IISR: Info n Insights; Serene n Relational Go

  • Papal Seminary, Pune Go

  • Books by Pandikattu (WorldCat Identity) Go

Science-Religion Sites

  • Templeton Go

  • CTNS Go

  • Metaneaxus Go

  • Counterbalance Go

  • ESSSAT: Go


  • Science-Philosophy: Forming a Coherent View Go

  • Annals of Suceva: Philosophical Journal Go

  • Theology Faculty: Univ of Innsbruck Go

  • Kuruvilla in Wikipedia Go