For Essay Writing and Poster Competition on Business Ethics

Topics for Essay Writing & Poster

  • Ethics is mostly meaningless

  • Deontology is the best criterion for ethics

  • Ethics is relevant for the Indian context

  • Nishkama Karma is particularly applicable in today's daily life

  • Ethics play a significant role in character building

  • Ethics is purely subjective!

  • There cannot be an objective ethics

  • Ethical relativism can be applied to contemporary youth culture

  • Ethics is merely expressive

  • Only ethical movements are sustainable in the long run

  • Ethics enhances corporate profitability

  • Ethics and profit are complementary

  • Business is only for profit

  • CSR and business go hand in hand

  • SDG is both ethical and sustainable

  • ESG goals match with our ethical orientation

  • We have not learnt any lessons from Enron scandal

  • Ethical scandals challenge our moral life

  • Business ethics is an oxymoron!

  • Ethics is very significant for AI

  • We need to work towards an all-inclusive ethics

  • Can we ever stop the killer robots?

  • Ethics is primarily for the least and lost

  • Ethics of care is particularly relevant today

  • Morality and money are not opposed to each other

  • Moral principles still guide business

  • Business need to formulate transparent criteria for a morally good behaviour

  • Morally good people commit grave mistakes

  • Ethics is only for the individuals and not for society

  • Society can grow in moral consciousness

  • Slavery was once thought to be ethically permissible

  • Only human beings can act ethically

  • Dharma is relevant even in the business world

  • Ethics fosters nation building

  • Ethics encourages social identity

  • Without ethics no society can function

  • Shortcuts in ethics leads to disaster

  • Virtue ethics is outdated

  • Transhumanism demands a special ethics

  • Biotechnological revolution inevitably leads to ethical conundrums

  • Ethical relativism cannot be right

  • Emotions are antithetical to ethical reasoning

  • Utilitarian approach to ethical decision making makes the most sense

  • Justice cannot be defined

  • Most of our ethical choices are made unconsciously

  • Human rights are not appropriate to business situations

  • John Locke's understanding of private property is still valid

  • Adam Smith's understanding of free market makes no sense today

  • David Ricardo's free trade is detrimental to human civilization

  • Karl Marx's claim that injustice is inherent in free market is proven by history

  • Perfectly competitive free market does not exist

  • Personal ethics is independent of social ethics

  • Whisteblower protection fosters the ethical ambience of a company

  • The challenges of ethics of AI

  • We need a new ethics for transhumans

  • Free trade is never free: Moral challenges

  • Ethics of technological singularity

  • Technology always drive ethics forward

  • Moonlighting is bad ethics

  • Technological singularity: ethical implications

  • Transparency is the bedrock of ethics

  • Loyalty is no more relevant in business

  • Responsibility fosters ethics in business

  • Protecting environment is key to business ethics

  • Integrity is integral to ethics

  • Gaslighting is never ethical

  • Preserving honour is a necessary part of business ethics

  • There is no ethics without persistence

  • Ethics is focused primarily on the customers

  • Without respect there cannot be ethical behviour

  • Respecting dignity of the clients is good for business

  • You are encouraged to formulate your own relevant topics and argue for or against!

Suggestions for Essay Writing

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Poster: Registration and Submission

Prizes (Essay): 20,000; 15,000; 10,000 plus more

Prizes (Poster): ₹ 15,000; 10,000; 7,000 plus more

Last Date for Submission: March 15/30, 2023

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ORGANISING Your thought is the most important part of the essay writings. Spend enough time reading, reflecting, systematizing, arguing and finalising the pattern of your essay!


Title of the Essay

Author's name and designation




  • Catchy Question/Quote/Story

  • Why the essay? (Relevance)

  • Background

  • Limitations, if any

  • Thesis statement (Main argument in the essay)

The Body

  • Argument 1

  • Argument 2

  • Argument 3

  • Etc

  • Counterargument, if any, and rebuttal

  • Proving the thesis Statement


  • Main arguments summarised

  • Thesis statement reformulated

  • Scope for further study, if any

  • Apt quote or question



To provide essay with a good introduction, you want to make it sufficiently broad. Show the relevance of the essay here. Also, this is the part in which you should share some background information related to the topic. However, you want to be careful not to start your argument just yet. Towards the end of your introduction, drop a thesis statement (the main argument). Some writers also prefer throwing their thesis in the last sentence, but that relies greatly on your style of writing

The Body

The body is the term used to refer to the paragraphs that come after the introduction but before the conclusion. The overall length of the body of your academic essay is determined by the number of ideas you have to share. The details you use to back up your thoughts also have an impact on the overall length of the body. Make sure that you present one idea after the other, and then support them with substantial facts to convince your readers.

You can have about three to six subsections here, each of which is connected with a transition phrases.

The Conclusion

The conclusion might look a bit similar to the introductory paragraph. In this section, make sure to restate your thesis because your readers might have lost it somewhere while reading the body. Also, in the conclusion, you need to create a summary of the main points your academic essay touches. Do not forget to remind the readers of what you think about the entire subject in discussion.

For details see

Model essay1

Model essays

APA Style

Suggestions for Poster

Following the structure of the essay writing above, you may highlight each of the sections in brief sentences (arrows and points are preferred). Using less words, show the connection between each sections and make the argument visually present to the reader.

The poster should contain similar structure as the essay.

You may use a single PowerPoint slide as the basis for poster. Use text size as 12.

Size of the poster: A2

Elements in the poster

  • Introduction

  • Body

  • Conclusion

  • References

  • Author's details

  • Pictures

  • Indicators (arrows, pointers, etc)

Model poster