Philosophy as Narrative

June 25, 2018

Basic Questions

  1. Is there something seriously wrong with the world? Give examples.
  2. Is there something seriously wrong with human beings? Examples.
  3. Is there something FUNDAMENTALLY wrong with us human beings? Why?


  • Life as a story
  • Story and narrative
  • Dealing with the paradoxes (existential dilemmas) of life (first story, then reflection and philosophy; Mythos to logos)
  • Sign
  • Symbol
  • Metaphor
  • Myth
  • Existential dilemma (paradox)
  • Story as tying the knots and fitting ourselve in the world

There will be a quizz when we meet again on 7 Sept, 2018. The portion for the quizz covers everything in the book, except chapter V (Sept II) and Appendices.

The first one who solves Einstein's Challenge (p. 104) will receive a gift. Please send me the answer, along with the procedure you have followed to my email id: